1. a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community.

People assume that demographics determine entrepreneurial outcomes. For example, we pour 99% of venture capital into white and Asian firms and overlook the rest.  Those hip to the changing market know that they are leaving money on the table by betting on just one group of entrepreneurs.

We are witnessing the convergence of tech, culture, content and communities. We are shifting beyond the happy thoughts of “inclusive diversity” into a new paradigm of doing business:
  • Consumers of color are become a dominant force in digital and mobile
  • Demographics are shifting towards the “browning of America”
  • The fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs are black women (#blackgirlmagic)

We decry the phrases “under represented” or “under served.” When you use a prefix such as under you think other. And we are far from that. We shift culture, move markets, and represent the future of entrepreneurship.  Join us as we create new communities that are authentically inclusive. Notoriety doesn’t motivate us, breaking sh*t and busting down doors to pave new pathways for entrepreneurs of color gives us life.



  • Quincy Walker
    Quincy Walker A.I. Consultant, Microsoft