It’s hard to believe five years have passed since Gil died on May 27, 2011, because he was such a larger-than-life person and his spirit is so fully with us each day. Gil is also “here” through the continued, strong interest in his music and messages. Many music industry contributors respect him enough to properly license the music and help us grow his legacy and the business he worked so hard to leave to carry on.

We’ve had a number of successful partnerships with producers of documentaries, movies and television shows to incorporate Gil’s music in their presentations. Gil’s catalog remains relevant, vibrant and meaningful on so many levels, and he is recognized nationally and internationally for his iconic voice and sound.

We mark May 27 with heavy hearts for the loss but uplifted spirits because we know Gil Scott-Heron lived life on his own terms and left us with a timeless body of work that will have an impact on humanity for as long as people listen to music and read. Thank you, Pops. We love you.

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