May 27 marks the fourth anniversary of the day Gil Scott-Heron made his transition to join the Spirits about whom he talked so often. Those of us who love him miss him every day. Yet we ease the sense of loss in the knowledge that he left behind a powerful body of instructive messages, inspirational music and an abiding love.

Gil’s built his legacy of social activism through music and poetry over four decades. His dynamic voice remains strongly relevant to the issues of the day and resonates with fans worldwide.

You will be able to hear Gil’s music in a number of productions in the months ahead, including “Home Is Where the Hatred Is,” in the movie “Dope,” (with Pharrell Williams and Forest Whitaker as producers); and “Me and the Devil” in the season 2  final episode of the dynamic  Starz TV series “Power,” starring Omari Hardwick.

This spring and summer, theaters around the country are premiering the documentary “Who Is Gil Scott-Heron?” The documentary, produced by XL Records (with whom Gil made his final album), includes quotes from people who knew and worked with Gil and experienced the benefit of his kindness and wisdom, especially toward the end of his life. The documentary, and Gil’s album “Nothing New,” released posthumously, are available digitally at the following link:

Thank you for joining us in keeping alive Gil’s memory, his music and his message of togetherness for the benefit of mankind.

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